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From running ads online to automating your sales process, we drive quality traffic to your business and make sure your existing customers come back


Whether you need a brand new website, or your old one needs optimizing, we create high converting designs on a variety of platforms


Efficiently rank for money keywords in your niche and target location that will perpetually drive high-intent traffic to you


Our team works together with yours to help  efficiently grow your business using strategies proven time and time again in a variety of industries

Additional Services

Bulletproof FX will design and implement truly-unique Facebook and google advertising campaigns that will not just make your audience click-through, but also purchase your products or services.

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Ad Management

Every advertising platform has its unique way of reaching people, and each has their own advantages. As a result, businesses in nearly any industry have almost no barrier to entry with the most widely used and easily accessible source of targeted traffic paid ads!   Despite being overlooked often or labeled “outdated”, they are key channels to engage, inform, and convert their specific audience. Ads remain one of the most cost-effective ways to generate new business in almost ANY market.

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  • Custom campaigns on any platforms
  • Industry-proven creatives & messaging
  • Results driving A/B testing strategy
  • Failproof analytics to evaluate return
  • Daily feedback & weekly reporting
  • Bidden strategies, molded to your budget
  • Custom-tailored keyword research
  • Industry-proven targeting strategies
  • Schedule traffic to your needs
  • Regular testing to reduce conversion cost

Website Development

Metrics don’t lie, if the average visitor on your website is going to leave within seconds, or best case stay a whole two minutes before bouncing, then you have a massive chink in your company armor. At Bulletproof, we offer an affordable website design that is modern and compliments your brand image, without sacrificing an ounce of performance. At the end of the day, your site should be tailored to your target audience and provide all the tools necessary to convert visitors into customers

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New Websites Builds

  • Stunning custom coded designs
  • Lighting fast loading speeds
  • 100% optimized and SEO ready
  • Up to date analytics & security
  • Ensure full ownership of your asset

Optimize Existing Sites

  • Boost your speed & conversion rates
  • Add new content, structure & navigation
  • Enhance visuals & update branding
  • Reduce costs from existing developers
  • Secure access & protect ownership

Stop Working In Your Business.Start Working On It.

Search Engine Optimization

We know every business is unique and deserves a customized SEO plan that drives results. One of the things we hear most often from our clients is the disappointment and lack of results from their previous SEO agency.  At BPFX we design a thoroughly researched SEO plan, with objective targets and transparent deadlines. This ensures our progress is measurable and on track every step of the way. We take all guesswork out of the equation when it comes to your investment.

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Local SEO

  • Incorporate winning keywords into content
  • Sitewide on-page optimization
  • Complete silo content structure & interlinking
  • Build high authority backlinks
  • Monitor keyword rankings in real-time

Google My Business

  • Full GMB listing optimization
  • Create unique & relevant content
  • Locally targeted keyword research
  • Pinpoint nearby opportunity to expand territory
  • Build trust through customer images & reviews

Growth Strategy Consulting

Our consulting program is designed to provide the tools and strategy necessary to quickly scale your company. We work together to establish the core actions needed in order to break through challenging roadblocks that are universal to small business owners. Our framework has been developed through years of experience in growing home service companies. First, we identify key barriers to growth and focus on effective pathways to overcome them. Then we break those down into manageable tasks and hold you accountable for accomplishing them. Bulletproof FX’s network of clientele ranges from local startups to nationwide corporations, across a variety of industries. This is also a valuable resource and powerful catalyst to provide you with connections to like-minded business owners in similar markets.

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Sales & Financial

  • Improve sales processes to increase conversions
  • Boost average ticket price by generating turnovers
  • Properly set up critical financial statements  
  • Determine optimal pricing based on P&L sheet
  • Integrate your books & CRM systems

Systems & Process

  • Years of home service industry experience
  • Configure field management software
  • Scout & recruit new talent
  • Properly manage teams as you grow
  • Implement scalable organizational chart

Additional Services

We also offer a suite of auxiliary services that complement our core marketing strategy. From video and graphic design, to software implementation and automation, we do it all! These often go hand in hand with the services above, and together provide all the tools you need to quickly grow your business and crush goals. Click below for more info on these services can be procured a la carte if needed as well.

No matter the platform, a dormant social media account implies an inoperative business. Savvy surfers who are shopping around notice how recently and how often a company posts, so publishing quality content at regular intervals is crucial to maintaining a reputation of being engaged and responsive.  BPFX posts are professionally written, proofread, follow best practices for length, and are optimized for maximum exposure. We also manage interaction on your accounts, ensuring timely, quality responses to comments while identifying opportunities and issues that arise with customers.


One of the biggest advantages of the digital age is the wide array of tasks that can be completely (at least mostly) removed from your day-to-day routine.  Many redundant tasks, from data entry and analytics to scheduling and communicating with customers, are highly repetitive and can eat away at valuable time or add extra employee costs.  Bulletproof FX specializes in making the day-to-day workflow in small businesses as efficient as possible, for you and your customers.  Contact us today to learn more about where we can save you money by automating regular processes to be quicker and higher quality.

Graphic Design

Our experienced team of designers can bring any basic idea you have to life, or if you're having trouble finding your creative flow, we can work together to create something unique and personal.  We have years of industry-specific experience to draw on, and proven data to back our winning graphics. From ads and website banners, to business cards and infographics, we excel in all formats.  Ask about our package pricing for large projects or monthly plans for large or recurring projects.

Video Editing

Video is often the most effective medium to convey a message clearly and maximize response from your audience.  Unfortunately, many businesses overlook it because it seems intimidating, expensive, or tedious.  This is almost never the case with our range of video services to help you plan, produce, and deliver quality content.  New leads are instantly more personal with your brand and existing customers stay connected through video don’t neglect it!

Text & Email Marketing

Text and email often get overlooked in the digital age, with an abundance of paid ads and lead sources to choose from.  We utilize these platforms to engage your existing customer base and missed opportunities, to generate new business for pennies on the dollar.  This is also a great way to get reviews, rehash unpaid balances, and increase interaction with your contact list most of which can be fully automated.

CRM & Software Implementation

All too often we see a business that has found incredible success and in turn has grown too fast to stay organized. Managing their contacts book, customer journey, and communication history have slipped through the cracks. Sound familiar? While this is easy to overlook, operating without a well-implemented CRM system is guaranteed to lead to wasted time and more importantly warm leads that get neglected. We work with a variety of platforms that can fit any budget and integrate with almost any existing program. This pays for itself time and time again while reducing the headaches that stem from the chaos of an unorganized business.  From start to finish, we will help you select the right system, integrate it with your existing processes,   and train your staff to implement it for daily use.


From logos and color schemes to the overall message that your brand conveys, your image must represent trust and quality. Achieving the image of trust for your product/service is one of the toughest challenges every enterprise faces. Our designers work together with your team to make sure every aspect of your business is professional and attractive to your ideal customers.  Without a quality brand, marketing efforts are often futile no matter how good services are. When they are in sync it's like adding jet fuel to a fire of growth.

Content Creation

Every page on every platform you own presents a new opportunity to connect with your customers. Through the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients break free from the mold of boring, generic digital content. Instead, we bring big ideas and smart strategies that will help you dominate the web.  We utilize a variety of mediums including video, graphics, animations, and more!

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Clients We've Worked With

What Our Clients Have To Say

Check out some of our favorite recent projects we've worked on below:

Tom OConnor
Tom OConnor
The team at BPFX helped us completely rebrand our residential roofing business, and then updated all of our platforms online. From social media and google, to our website and email marketing, we now have a brand that looks as professional as our services are. Couldn’t be happier with how things turned out!
dustin smith
dustin smith
We hired Conner and his team to help get our website up and running. He walked us step by step to get things looking professional and have a good clean flow. He was instrumental in the creative design and ideas with how to market the website, and integrating new ideas with FB and IG ads. We had a great ROI for the time and money spent marketing the business. Would definitely recommend Conner and his team.
Jacob Burger
Jacob Burger
BPFX did a great job building a website for my Music Store.
Laura Garrison
Laura Garrison
Gave my website a much needed upgrade and set up all my Facebook ads. Extremely nice people and fast service. Definitely worth it!!!
Kurt Denninghoff
Kurt Denninghoff
We originally hired Bulletproof FX to update our service business’s (very) outdated website.  On our discovery call, they were more competent than several other quotes we got and had better quality past work in their portfolio.  The website came out so good, we immediately hired them to take over our social media ads and SEO- and what a good decision that was.  Within 2 weeks, we saw a significant drop in cost per lead on Facebook ads and improvements in our organic search rankings.  On top of that they put together a sophisticated testing strategy that has continued to improve our bottom line, month after month, even in the slow season.  I’d highly recommend BPFX- they deliver quality results!
Mitchell Viera
Mitchell Viera
Working with Bulletproof FX was amazing. Conner and his team were able to automate my CRM and equally engage all of my potential clients. Within the first month I saw a huge increase in actual conversions as the ads were now targeting the correct potential clientele. I highly recommend Bulletproof FX to both small and large businesses
Anne Marie Fraley
Anne Marie Fraley
Bulletproof was amazing to work with! They communicated with us every step of the way and were always informative about updates. They helped us grow our small business by creating more traffic and exposure through Facebook ads. Their SEO services were vital to to our expansion and growth. I would highly recommend them to any small business!

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